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1231 Jolly Jay Smaller version of the popular Thompson Trawler in a wood kit. Mahogany plywood frames and balsa planking with pre-formed ABS plastic cabin parts make building easy.  Comes with running hardware and Dumas motor kit. Price:  $123.00              Length:  24"      Beam:  8-1/2"       Scale:  1/30
1231 Jolly
1271 Shrimp
1271 Shrimp Boat The   Gulf   Coast   Shrimp   boat   RUSTY,   a   1/24th   scale   plank   on   frame   model   of   a typical   shrimp   boat   hull   found   working   the   Gulf   states   from   Florida   to   Texas.      The model    is    supplied    with    outriggers,    trawl    boards,    nets,    cleaning    benches,    and coolers to start the modeler with the details of the working shrimper. It   has   a   plank   on   frame   construction   of   balsa   over   laser   cut   popular   plywood frames.      The   cabin   and   pilot   house   are   constructed   of   laser   and   die   cut   plywood and   PVC   sheeting.      The   kit   includes   material   for   scaffolding,   nets,   outriggers,   and much    more.        Included    is    a    massive    construction    manual    with    accompanying drawings for step-by-step instructions. Price: $220.00            Length: 36 inches         Beam: 9 inches        Scale: 1/24th Use MACK Power & Hardware Package # 430CE
1213 Am Enterprise
1213 American Enterprise From   Halter   Marine   comes   an   experimental   craft   for   the   hard   working   commuter.      The American   Enterprise   was   a   trial   balloon   constructed   for   carrying   crews   and   supplies   to and   from   off-shore   oil   drilling   rigs.      The   goal   of   the   Enterprise   was   to   get   there   and back   in   a   hurry   regardless   of   the   weather   conditions.      To   accomplish   this   task   she   was equipped   with   a   high   speed   24   in.   water   jet   powered   by   a   gas   turbine.      When   they were   feeling   a   bit   more   leisurely   they   switched   to   the   16   in.   water   jets   powered   by   the two Detroit Diesels.  Here is your chance to own a crew ship of your own. This    all    wood    kit    is    engineered    out    of    top    grade    birch    and    mahogany    plywood, precision   die-cut   for   an   exacting   fit.     A   27   piece   cast   fittings   set   is   included,   as   well   as many other detail items. Price:  150.00                   Length:  52"      Beam:  12"      Scale:1/24
1264 Great Lakes
1264 Great Lakes Freighter Modeled   after   a   350'   bulk   carrier,   this   1/96   semi-scale   model   of   a   Great   Lakes   style freighter   makes   a   beautiful   representation   of   these   famous   freighters.      The   hull   and superstructure   are   constructed   of   highly   conformable   die-cut   expanded   PVC   over die-cut   plywood   frames.      There   are   detail   parts   galore   including   laser   cut   and   cast parts,   vacuum   form   life   boats   and   stacks,   decals,   flag,   and   more.      Add   to   that   the step-by-step   building   instructions,   and   you're   on   your   way   to   constructing   your   own miniature freight moving business. Price:  $188.00           Length:  46"      Beam:  6:      Scale: 1/96th (1/8" = 1.0')
1270   City of Buffalo The City of Buffalo is a beautiful example of the steamboats that flourished on the resort lakes of the Northeastern United States in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This   1/48th   scale   model   of   The   City   of   Buffalo   is   balsa   planked   over   laser   cut   lite-ply frames,   and   uses   a   combination   of   balsa,   poplar   plywood,   and   expanded   PVC.     The   kit   is beautifully   detailed   with   cast   metal   pieces,   laser   cut   components,   flags,   decals,   and much    more.    The    construction    documentation    includes    full    size    plans,    a    57    page instruction booklet, and a 30 page figure packet with 70 individual figure drawings. Price:  $240.00                  Length:  33"            Beam:  7.75          Scale:  1/48th
1270 Buffalo
1260 George W. Washburn
The   George   W.   Washburn   was   launched   by   the   Cornell   Steamboat   Company   to move   cargo,   like   stones,   sand,   and   bricks,   up   and   down   the   Hudson   River   between Albany   and   New   York   City.      She   was,   during   her   early   years,   considered   the   fastest tug   on   the   Hudson.      Since   she   took   on   paying   passengers,   her   appearance   was   kept up.      It   was   said   that   a   Cornell   Steamboat   could   be   noticed   from   great   distances   by the   yellow   and   black   color   of   the   smoke   stacks.      Sad   to   say,   however,   the   George   W. Washburn and Cornell Steamboat Company are no longer around today. This kit features laser-cut plank-on-frame construction and is designed for radio control.  A 2-channel radio is required and must be purchased separately. Length:  30”    Beam:  5 ½”        Scale:  1/48 Price: $148.00 
1235  Mt. Washington 
The   Mt.   Washington   steamboat   first   sailed   on   Lake   Winnipesaukee   in   1872   and was   in   service   until   1939.      The   Dumas   kit   of   the   Mount   Washington   includes everything   needed   to   bring   the   original   grandeur   back   to   life.      An   ABS   plastic   hull and    a    birch    plywood    die-cast    superstructure    provide    the    basic    shape,    while embossed   plastic,   cabin   detail,   cast   metal   fittings,   and   full   color   decals   add   the touches   that   make   the   model   complete.      The   step-by-step   instructions   will   help   you transform   your   kit   into   an   historic   model   that   will   be   sure   to   find   a   place   in   the history of your family. Length:  44 ½”      Beam:  12”       Scale:  1/48 Price:  $436.00                                 Use MACK power Package # 421CE
1235 Washington
1260 Washburn
1222 Creole
1222  Creole Queen
The   real   Creole   Queen   was   built   in   1983   for   the   New   Orleans   World   Fair,   but   was designed   to   look   like   a   true   nineteenth   century   sternwheeler.      The   kit   includes   die-cut birch    and    mahogany    plywood,    as    well    as    an    immense    detail    package    including woodturnings, castings, a 3-page decal set and more. Price:  $352.00              Length: 48”      Beam:  10”      Scale:  1/48 Use MACK Power Package # 422CE
Working Vessels - Pg. 3
1274   Winter Harbor Lobster Boat The   Winter   Harbor   Lobster   Boat   Kit   is   a   New   England   style   41’   lobster   boat   built   in 1/16   scale.      The   model   is   an   all   wood   boat   kit,   with   balsa   wood   planking   over   laser- cut   plywood   frames.      The   kit   comes   with   all   deck   and   interior   details   including   the lobster pots, as well as the lobsters.  The dimensions for the model are:  Length:  31”    Beam:  11”    Scale:  1/16th Price:  $225.00 MACK offers a complete running hardware and power package #433CE for $176.75. Click here to get all the details.
Harbor Lobster