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1203 CG Lifeboat
1214 US Coast Guard 41’ Utility Boat This   new   41’   was   the   changing   of   the   guard   for   the   Coast   Guard   40’   Utility.     Accurately die-cut   all   wood   construction,   a   highly   detailed   32   piece   fitting   set   and   Coast   Guard insignia decals finish the kit.  Very fast when using R/C twin engines. Price:  $136.00                   Length:  31”      Beam:  10”      Scale:  1/16 Use MACK Power & Hardware Package # 410 CE
1203 USCG 44’ Lifeboat The   44’   Coast   Guard   Lifeboat   was   introduced   in   1963   and   she   became   the   Saint Bernard   of   the   coastal   waters.      With   her   twin   180   hp   diesel   engines,   she   had   the power   to   tow   a   100   ton   95’   patrol   boat   at   15   knots,   making   her   ideal   for   stranded boaters.      The   built-in   self-righting   motor   lifeboat   came   into   a   normal   routine   of   running through   river   outlets   with   heavy   surf.      This   all   wood   kit   is   planked   balsa   wood   over cleanly   die   cut   frames,   with   a   39   piece   fitting   package,   and   a   distintive   Coast   Guard Insignia decal to top it off. Price:  $142.00                 Length:  33”      Beam:   9”      Scale:  ¾” = 1’ Use MACK Twin Engine Power Package # 409 CE
1257 Higgins PT
#1257  78’ Higgins PT 212 The   1943   Higgins   Patrol   Torpedo   Boat   served   in   the   Mediterranean   theater   of operation   during   WWII   with   distintion.     They   were   especially   effective   in   combatting enemy shipping. The   kit   includes   a   vacuum-formed   hull,   scale   decals,   laser-cut   and   die-cut   part, and step-by-step instructions. Price:  $160.00             Length:  30 ½”        Beam: 8”     Scale: 1/30
1259 Chaser
1259 SC-1 Class Sub Chaser The   sub-chaser   prowled   the   waters   in   the   Atlantic   during   WWII,   during   which   time they   were   credited   with   sinking   a   number   of   U-boats.      The   SC   class   served   a   short time in WW II, but was soon replaced with a more powerful class of sub-chasers. This   kit   features   laser-cut   plank-on-frame   construction   and   is   designed   for   radio control.  A 2-channel radio is required and must be purchased separetely. Price:  $168.00          Length:  37 ½”       Beam:  4 ¾”       Scale:  1/35 Use MACK Power & Hardware Package # 428 CE
1210 USCG 40’ The   Dumas   version   of   the   USCG   40’   Utility   Boat   is   a   faithful   ⅞”   :   1’   reproduction   of   the full   size   craft.      The   kit   is   balsa   planked   over   die-cut   framework   with   a   die-cut   plywood cabin.    Please note: Decals are no longer included or available for this kit. Price:  $136.00                         Length:   35”       Beam:  8 ¾”
1210 Utility
1258 USCG 36500 36’ Motor Lifeboat The   CG   36500   is   famous   for   the   rescue   of   32   men   from   the   tanker   S.S.   Pendleton, which   broke   in   half   during   a   winter   storm   off   Chatham   Bar,   the   elbow   of   Cape   Cod   (also known   as   New   England’s   graveyard   of   ships).      To   this   day   the   saving   of   the   Pendletown crew   remains   the   single   greatest   small-boat   rescue   in   the   history   of   the   U.S.   Coast Guard.      The   crew   received   the   Gold   Life   Saving   Medal   for   hard   work   during   this   cold, dark rescue attempt. This is a primarily laser-cut wood kit which features plank-on-frame construction. Price:  $180.00             Length:  27”     Beam:  8”     Scale:   1/16 Use MACK Power & Hardware Package # 427 CE
1233 PT 109
1233  PT-109 (wood kit) Dumas   has   done   a   makeover   of   this   popular   boat   with   updated   plans   and   instructions, and   improved   detailing.      This   boat   is   a   high-speed   performer   witht   he   addition   of   MACK’s Twin Engine Conversion Kit # 402CE. Price:  $160.00                 Length:  33”     Beam:   9”     Scale:  1/30
1256 Army Tug
1256 US Army 74’ ST Tug During   WW   II,   the   US Army   operated   a   large   fleet   of   ships.      The   primary   task   was   to support   the   fighting   men   on   the   ground.      Small   harbor   tugs,   designed   as   ST,   were used   in   large   numbers   by   the   Army   to   move   ships   into   port   and   to   haul   fuel   and supply barges.  The kit features:        2-piece vacuum-formed plastic hull                                  Die-cut PV                                  Laser-cut details                                  Full-color decals Price:  $108.00                 Length:  18”     Beam:    4 ¾”      Scale:  1/48
1218 Crockett
1218 USS Crockett This   is   a   scale   model   of   the   US   Navy’s   Ashville   Class   gunboat.      The   Crockett   was stationed    in    South    Viet    Nam    and    was    designed    for    coastal    patrol,    blockade reconnaissance   and   support   missions.     The   kit   is   balsa   planked   over   a   frame   of   die-cut mahogany with a die-cut wood superstructure. Price:  $164.00         Length:  51”    Beam:  7 ½”     Scale:  1/38 Cast Fitting Set # 1218F:   $95.00 Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages # 404 or #404CE
Military Craft
1214 Utility Boat
1258 Motor Lifeboat
1275  Fast Response USCG Cutter This   is   a   model   of   the   154’   USCG   Sentinel-Class   which   is   now   part   of   the Coast   Guard’s   Deepwater   response   ships.      The   model   is   constructed   of laser   cut   plywood   frames   with   expanded   PVC   sheet   covering.      This   highly detailed model features a 108 piece cast metal fitting set. Kit Price:  $245.00  The Dumas Running Hardware Package for twin screw is sold       separately -  Kit #2382    $130.00 M.A.C.K. Products Twin Motor Power Package, complete with Electronic Speed Control - Kit #PP 434CE  is $196.50                             Click here to get all the details.  
1275 Fast Cutter