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1225 Victory Tug This   boat   is   a   pleasure   yacht   based   on   the   time   proven   tug   hull.   Quality   bass wood   planking   and   stainless   steel   rails,   plus   running   hardware   and   propeller   top off this plank on frame kit. Price:  $272.00                   Length:  28"      Beam:   10"     Scale:  1/48
1268 Jenny Lee Harbor Tug The   Jenny   Lee   is   a   generic   harbor   tub   of   the   early   1900's   to   the   1940's.      It's   easy   to build    with    balsa    planked    construction    over    laser    cut    frames.        Laser    cut    PVC construction   of   the   Pilot   House   in   addition   to   metal   fittings,   vacuum   forms,   color   decals, and laser cut detail parts finish this model.                 Price:  $152.00                       Length:  24"       Width:  7.25"       Scale:  1       MACK recommends Power Package 432CE                                                            
1206 and 1207 Shelley Foss Tug From the great Puget Sound comes a monster mover.  The Foss story is one that rivals the   toughness   of   his   boats.      From   the   original   purchase   of   a   $5.00   row   boat,   to   a current   maritime   fleet   of   over   30   vessels,   Foss   has   emerged   as   a   leader   in   the   west coast   tug   business.      These   kits   feature   easy-to-build   die-cut   plywood   construction, decals and a cast fitting set.   1206 Little Shelley Foss Tug       Length:  24"      Beam:   8"       Scale:  1/45              Price: $75.00 1207 Shelley Foss Tug                Length:  36"      Beam:  12"      Scale:  1/30               Price:  $99.00 For the 1206 Tug   Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages #424 or #424CE  For the 1207 Tug   Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages #411 or #411CE
1253  Myrtle Corey Typical   1800's   river   towboat   which   plied   the   Mississippi   and   other   rivers   hauling barges   up   and   down   the   river.      This   little   workhorse   probably   saw   more   action   than the   big   paddlers,   who   saw   more   glory.         The   kit   features   vacuum   formed   hull   and roofs   with   die-cut   Sintra┬«   PVC   for   the   super   structure.     A   large   quantity   of   strip   wood is   provided   for   planked   decks   and   cabin   sides.      Come   and   run   what   Mark Twain   wrote about. Price:  $260.00              Length:  38"           Beam:  8.25"            Scale:  1/20 Use MACK Power Package # 421CE
1269 San Pedro Push Tug This   80   foot   push   tug   is   a   fine   example   of   small   tugs   used   in   barge   movements   in and   around   terminals,   as   well   as   line-haul   tows.The   kit   features   laser   and   die   cut construction    using    lite    ply    and    expanded    PVC.        Step-by-step    instructions    with enough detail features to bring the model to life. Price:  $180.00                   Length:  30"           Beam:  12"             Scale:  1/32
1206-07 Shelley
1269 San Pedro
1253 Myrtle
1268 Jenny Lee
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