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7113  Helping Hands with Magnifier Helping   Hands   will   be   the   most   used   tool   for   anyone   doing simple    wire    soldering,    gluing,    or    working    with    printed    circuit boards.      The   adjustable   hand   clamps   hold   wires   or   parts   in   any position,    leaving    your    hands    free    to    do    the    work.        The    4x magnifier   makes   looking   at   circuit   board   traces   and   connections a breeze. Stands 3" high x 5" wide   Wt.: 1 lb, 3 oz. Price:  $8.50
7114  Deluxe Hobby Knife Set - 33 pc. This   33   piece   Deluxe   Hobby   Knife   Set   contains   4   heavy duty   cushioned   knife   handles,   assorted   blades,   measuring veneer,   tweezers,   and   pin   vise   drill   screw   driver.      Comes complete   in   it's   own   carrying   case.      A   perfect   set   for   the beginner or the pro.   Price:  $25.00                
7111 Needle File Set (12 pc.) This Needle File Set contains 12 files, each 5-1/2" long, set in a handy vinyl storage pouch.  Files include Round, Flat, Tapered, Square, Triangle, Knife Edge and Oval Shaped.  Perfect for use with metal, fiberglass or wood for fine details and clean corners. Price:  $10.00  
7112  Pencil Torch This    very    handy    pencil    torch    runs    on    Butane    fuel    and    is refillable.      It   delivers   a   2000°   F   pinpoint   flame   for   delicate soldering,    silver    soldering,    or    light    braising.        It's    slim    size allows   you   to   use   it   like   a   pencil   to   direct   the   flame   for   a perfect solder job.    Unit comes without fuel.    Wt:  2.5 oz.    Length:  8"    Diameter:  1/2" Price:  $18.00
7125  Micro Torch The   Micro   Torch   is   the   perfect   solution   to   samll   soldering jobs.       The    Butane    fueled    (not    included)    torch    features Perzo    ignition    and    a    pinpoint    2000°    flame    that    makes quick   work   of   delicate   materials.      Run   time   on   one   fill   is   35 minutes. 6" high x 3" long x 2.75" diameter      Weight is 6 oz. Price:  $21.00
7130  Touch-Up Spray Gun         by Central Pneumatic This Touch-Up Spray Gun is just the thing to use for bigger model jobs, hull painting and clear coating.  Air consumption is 2.8 CFM @ 30 psi; 4 CFM @ 50 psi.  Cup hold 7 oz. of paint. 8.75" high x 7" long x 2.75" in diameter                               1/4" NPS inlet.         Weight: 18 oz. Price: $20.50
7250 Electronic 7-Function Test Gage        by Cen-Tech A    must    for    any    hobby    household.        Easy    to    read    3.5"    LCD    Display, Automatic zero adjust, Data hold retains test information after test. >>> Tests both DC & AC voltages >>> DC milliamp to 10 Amp >>> Ohm test from 200 to 2000 >>> Test socket for NPN and PNP transistors >>> Comes complete with 24" test leads and 9 volt battery Price:  $10.50
  7251  #11 Hobby Knife Blades      by TechniEdge/Hobbyco One   item   no   hobbyist   ever   wants   to   run   short   of.      Replacement precision   #   11   Hobby   Blades   make   sure,   exact   cutting   of   materials used   in   building   your   projects.      No   more   botched   parts   due   to   bad cuts from dull blades.  100 blades per pack. Price:  $14.00 per pack