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    1238 Brooklyn Tug The   original   Brooklyn   was   a   steam   powered   tug,   which   was   built   in   1910.      She   was   a railroad   tug   designed   to   transfer   railroad   cars   from   one   side   of   New   York   to   the   other   on barges   known   as   car   floats.      The   kit   includes   an   ABS   hull,   materials   for   the   die-cut superstructure and plenty of detailing.                                  Length:  39-1/2"            Beam:  9-1/2"                   Scale:  1/32 Price:  $348.00    Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages  #418 or #418CE                                          
1215  American Beauty The   American   Beauty   was   built   by   St.   Louis   Ships   for   the   barge   tow   trade   plying the Mississippi.  The kit has an ABS hull with precisely die-cut birch and mahogany plywood superstructure. Price:  $200.00                    Length:  37"      Beam:  12"      Scale:  1/54 Optional 81 piece fitting set - Kit # 1215F    $69.00
1248 The Jersey City This   is   a   model   of   a   railroad   tug   from   the   1960's   era   which   can   still   be   seen   working   on the   eastern   seaboard.      It   features   an   ABS   hull   with   die   and   laser   cut   wood,   expanded PVC parts and full fittings necessary to outfit her.  Designed for 2-channel operation. Price:  $280.00                          Length:  36”        Beam:  9"        Scale:  1/32 Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages  #418 or #418CE
                                              1251  The Lackawanna Tug Built   in   1901,   the   coastal   tug   Lackawanna   was   a   twin   boiler,   coal   fired   steam   tug   with   a length   of   137   feet.      The   hull   and   superstructure   were   painted   white,   and   along   with   a beautiful   sheer   line,   she   presented   an   almost   yacht-like   appearance.      The   kit   of   this impressive   boat   has   a   vacuum   formed ABS   hull,   die   cut   expanded   PVC,   laser   cut   plywood and balsa construction.   Price:  $248.00                 Length:  33"        Beam:   6"        Scale: 1/48                 MACK recommends Power Package # 425CE
1250  Carol Moran Harbor Tug and the 1272 50” version Good   things   do   come   in   small   packages!      This   tugboat   from   Dumas   is   only   17-3/4"   long   but has   plenty   to   offer.      The   kit   features   a   two-piece   thermo-formed   hull,   with   the   superstructure constructed   of   die-cut   expanded   PVC.      Laser   cut   and   cast   parts,   decals   and   a   flag   give   it   all the   detail   you   could   want.      To   make   her   come   alive,   the   kit   includes   running   hardware   and instructions   on   how   to   power   her   using   a   servo   from   your   2-channel   radio.     A   great   little   boat in a neat little package! Price:  $88.00              Length:  17-3/4"     Beam:  5"     Scale:  1/72 
1215 Am Beauty
1248 Jersey City
 1251 Lackawanna
1250-72 Carol Moran
1272  Carol Moran Harbor Tug - 50 inch The   Carol   Moran   is   one   of   the   oldest   and   most   enduring   tug   boats   of   the   MORAN   tug   boat   line.     The   tug   was   built   for   MORAN   Towing   Co.   of   New   York,   one   of   a   group   of   five   tugs   of   the   Grace Moran   class   tugs,   in   1949   by   the   Levingston   Shipbuilding   Co.   of   Orange, Texas.      She   had   a   hull length   of   99   feet   and   was   powered   with   a   single   Cleveland   16-278A   diesel-electric   engine delivering 1,750 horse power. The   model   is   built   to   1/24th   scale,   using   the   plank   on   frame   method   with   laser   cut   poplar plywood   frames   and   balsa   planking.      The   cabin   and   pilot   house   are   constructed   with   the   die and   laser   cut   poplar   plywood   and   expanded   PVC   sheeting.      The   kit   includes   turned   brass stations,   cast   metal   parts,   large   urethane   castings,   VAC   formed   parts,   decals,   and   laser   cut detail   pieces.      The   kit   includes   a   54   page   instruction   manual   with   corresponding   drawings   for step-by-step   construction.     This   is   the   largest   offering   that   Dumas   Models   has   ever   presented   in a tug boat kit and is sure to become the queen of the fleet when finished. Price: $440.00                  Length: 50 inches          Beam: 13.5 inches      Scale:1/24th                 Use MACK Power & Hardware Package #429CE
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