MACK Products              Model Marine
1117  Huson 24 Easy   handling   and   exciting   performance   in   both   light and   heavy   breezes.      Kit   1117   is   in   wood   for   those who   love   to   build.   You   assemble   the   die-cut   frames and   then   strip   plank   the   hull   with   balsa   wood   strips.     Requires 2-channel radio. Length:  24"   Beam:  6-3/4"    Mast: 31" #1117  Huson 24 - wood   $92.50
1121  Star Class Sailboat An   exciting   boat   to   race,   the   full   size   Star   was   designed and   built   in   1911   and   remains   an   Olympic   class   favorite.     This   all   wood   kit   gives   you   rich   mahogany   planking   over   a plywood    frames    and    precision    die-cut    pieces.        Also included   are   a   complete   set   of   fittings   and   cut   and   sewn Dacron sails. Requires 2-channel radio and sail control. Length:  30"    Beam:  7-5/8"    Mast:  44" Price: $117.00
7028      Electronic   Swing   Arm   Mega   Sail   Control      by Hitec Features   dual   ball   bearing   mechanism   with   water-tight case.  Speed:  46 sec. at 4.8 volts for 140°. Output Torque:  231 in/oz at 4.8 volts Length:  2.59" Width:   1.18" Height:  2.23" Weight:  5.1 oz. Arm Swing:  4 inches for 8 inch full swing Price:  $74.00