MACK Products              Model Marine
7207  Spektrum DX6i - 6 Channel, 2.4 GHz This   computer   radio   has   dual   rate   on   2   channels   and   all   the options   of   a   high   end   radio   system.      Comes   with   Ni-MH   batteries for the transmitter, charger, and receiver.   Buyer supplies the servos, receiver battery pack, and switch harness. Price:  $199.00  
7211  Tactic  TX300  3 Channel Radio This   3   channel   radio   runs   at   2.4   GHz   and   comes   with   a transmitter    and    receiver,    with    a    receiver    battery    box    & switch.      The   3rd   channel   can   be   used   as   a   2,   3,   or   4 position switch, or as a fully proportional control.   Also   included   are   steering   and   throttle   trim   dials,   with   a steering   rate   adjustment,   and   steering   &   throttle   end   point adjustments. It has a built in failsafe. Price:  $57.00  
L- 41  Radio Controlled Electronic ON-OFF Switch                                                                                                                                                                      by   MACK Products/Turnigy Plug   into   any   unused   channel   of   the   receiver   and,   with   the movement   of   the   stick   or   flip   of   the   switch,   the   unit   will toggle   On   and   Off.      It   can   also   be   used   to   trip   on   dull   power to the third engine of a three engine PT Boat Set-up. Rated at 30 volts, 10 amp switching. Price:  $11.00
7026  Tactic  # TSX55 - Ultra Torque, Metal Gear, 2 Ball Bearing Servo        181 oz. in. to 203 oz. in. -- 1.6" L x 0.8" W x 1.5" H                       Weight: 2.1 oz.              4.8 volts to 6 volts     Price:  $30.00 
7151 Heavy Duty Servo Saver This    heavy    duty,    spring    loaded    servo    saver    works    with    all manufacturer's   servos.      It   has   provisions   for   linking   to   either   a single   rudder   installation,   or,   by   mounting   the   servo   between   the rudder tiller arms, it can be linked to twin rudder installations. Width:  1-7/16"       Length:  15/16"       Height:     3/8" Price:  $11.00
7213  Turnigy LED Servo Tester Enables   you   to   test   up   to   4   servos   at   the   same   time.      This   unit offers   3   test   modes:      Manual,   Neutral,   and   Automatic.      The   LED screen shows the servo rotation pulse width. Every modeler needs one of these to check and set servos, as well as to program electronic speed controls without the need of a radio system. Price:  $10.00
7213-13 and 7213-33  Servo Extensions      by M.A.C.K. These     are     servo     extension     leads     with     universal     "S" connections, plugs: male & female.  7213-13 is a 13" extension, and 7213-33 is a 33" extension.  With   the   use   of   these   two   items   most   remote   installations   of servos   and   accessories   can   be   accomplished   for   use   with any radio system. 7213-13   Price:  $4.00 7213-33   Price:  $7.00 
L27X5  Automatic BEC Circuit     by M.A.C.K. This   automatic   radio   receiver   BEC   is   for   use   with   any   electric powered   model   with   the   main   power   batteries   from   6   to   21   volts.     This   new   and   improved   unit   requires   no   external   heat   sink   due to   a   high   efficiency   switching   mode   PCB   design,   and   an   output EMF   coil   which   provides   stable   low   noise   voltage   output.      The unit   provides   a   full   5   volts   at   5   amps   of   power   to   the   receiver.      It comes   with   a   universal   "S"   connector   receiver   plug   for   use   with all non-BEC receivers. Price:  $10.00
7214  Tactic TTX410   4 Channel Radio System Complete    NON-COMPUTER,    4    channel    2.4    Ghz    radio system   with   a   TR625   full   range   receiver   and   push   button binding   to   the   transmitter.         Radio   offers   4   fully   proportional channels   with   servo   reversing,   as   well   as   a   charge   jack   for optional   rechargeable   batteries.      The   system   comes   with   a receiver   battery   box   with   an   on/off   switch,      and   includes   a charge lead and adjustable neck strap. Price:  $88.00
 7216   SPECTRUM DXe   6 Channel Radio System Complete    NON-COMPUTER,    6    channel    2.4    Ghz    radio system   with   full   range AR620   receiver   with   built   in   receiver antenna (no wire). Radio   offers   4   proportional   channels   with   a   3   position   flap switch,   as   well   as   a   2   position   auxiliary   switch.      Additional features   can   be   programmed   into   the   transmitter   with   the optional   transmitter/   receiver   USP   program   cable   (SPMA 3065). Radio Price:  $99.00    USP Program Cable Price:  $19.00
7212F and 7212S Y-Harness      by M.A.C.K. The   same   basic Y-Harness,   but   each   is   set   up   with   different connectors.        Used    for    controlling    two    servos    from    one channel on your radio. 7212F - For Futaba Radios 7212S - For JR, Hitec, and Airtronics Radios Price:  $2.50 Each
7191   Steering Hardware - servo to rudder tiller arm. Price:  $3.50
7095 Race Guard Fail Safe Prevent runaway models due to loss of signal!               Protect your investment from a freak accident!  Simply plug the Race Guard Fail Safe between the receiver and the throttle servo or speed control.  One button set-up makes this fail safe unit easy to use. It provides instant Neutral to the speed control, or OFF to the throttle servo in case of signal loss or low receiver battery voltage.   Length: 1-3/8"       Height: 3/8"       Width:     7/8"       Weight:  .35 oz. Price:  $30.00
7205  Futaba 6EX - 6 Channel, 2.4 GHz Radio This    radio    system    comes    with    transmitter,    Ni-Cads, charger,    receiver,    switch    harness,    and    neck    strap    for transmitter.      Buyer   supplies   servos   and   receiver   battery pack.  Get a high end radio at low cost. Price:  $210.00
7029  Hextronix 5010 Dual Bearing Servo This   unit   runs   on   4.8   to   6   volts   and   provides   78.4   to   90.3 torque    in    .19    to    .15    seconds.            Upgraded    from    their standard servo.  Weight:  1.375 oz. Price:  $16.00
7030 Hextronix 12K Hight Torque Servo This unit runs on 4.8 to 6 volts and provides 130.5 to 150.7 oz. in. of torque in .20 to .16 seconds.  All metal gear equipped drive train.  Weight: 1.940 oz. Price:  $26.00
7217 Turnigy 5 Channel Radio sysem 2.4 ghz This   radio   system   has   selectable   mode   settings   (mode   1   or 2)    with    4    fully    proportional    channels    and    one    switchable channel.      All   channels   have   servo   reverse   switches,   as   well as dual rates.  This   is   a   no-nonsense   radio   system   without   the   complicated computer bells and whistles. Price:  $66.25
7218 Turnigy 6 Channel Radio System 2.4 ghz This   radio   is   set   up   on   mode   2   configuration   and   is   ready   to use   as   is   with   six   fully   proportional   channels.      The   unit   does not   have   servo   reverse   switches   and   must   use   the   supplied programming   cable,   with   USB   connection   to   your   home   pc   to make any changes on all channels. This   basic   radio,   as   it   comes,   can   fulfill   multiple   functions   on your   model   without   the   headache   of   programming   a   computer radio system.  Price:  $87.00
7217R - Receiver Set up two or more boats with the same transmitter!  Order extra receivers. Price:  $15.00
7329 M.A.C.K. Electronic Speed Control > 80 Amp. Proportional forward & reverse. >  4 mm motor plugs >  5 amp - 5 Volt BEC Dean’s Power Plug >  Preprogrammed - Plug & Play Price:  $59.00
7330  On/Off Switch For use with Electronic Speed Controls with no on/off switch. Price: $10.00