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Static Models
The   following   models   by   Midwest   Products   are   grouped   into   different   levels of    difficulty.  They    are    part    of    Midwest's    "Success    Series"        which    offers the  modeler   illustrated   step-by-step      instructions,   along   with   cleanly   die-cut woodsand all fittings.     Skill Level 1  - These kits can be built without prior building experience, using simple                       handtools.  Some parts in this level require cutting and fitting.  Skill Level 2 - These kits require slightly more skill and some prior experience using                        handtools. Some parts in this level require cutting, fitting and shaping.  Skill Level 3 - These kits are intended for the person having some prior experience                        building wooden boats.  This level contains parts that require cutting,                        fitting, shaping and fabricating.
967  The Skiff Designed    and    built    in    the    19th    century,    this    flat- bottomed   two-man   rowboat   can   be   found   anywhere there is water. SKILL LEVEL 1 Length:  8-5/8"   Beam:  3-1/2"   Scale: 1/12 Price:  $50.40
983  Sakonnet Daysailer Designed in 1937 for use as a one-design club racer for the Sakonnet Yacht Club in Little Compton, Rhode Island. SKILL LEVEL 2 Length:  9-1/2"   Beam:  3-1/8"   Scale:  1/24 Price:  $63.60
970  Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiff Popular work boat along the East Coast during the 1800's.  The flat-bottomed hull with centerboard and leg-of-mutton sail rig made it ideal for shallow coastal water sailing.   SKILL LEVEL 1 Length:  14-1/2"    Beam:  3-1/2"    Scale:  1/32 Price:  $66.00
976  Sea Bright Dory Lifeboat Originating   along   the   New   Jersey   Coast   in   the mid-19th    century    as    a    fishing    boat    for    use    in rough   surf,   it   is   now   used   as   a   life-guard   and utility        boat        from        Maine        to        Florida.        SKILL LEVEL 2 Length:  12"     Beam:  3-7/8"     Scale:  1/16 Price:  $61.20
965 Chesapeake Bay Flattie Flat-bottomed, shallow draft work boat used along Virginia and North Carolina to carry goods up and down shoal creeks. SKILL LEVEL 1 Length:  10-3/4"    Beam:  3-1/2"    Scale:  1/32 Price:  $55.20  
968 Sharpie Schooner Developed   in   the   late   1800's   and   used   well   into   this   century   for turtle fishing along the Florida and Gulf coasts.  SKILL LEVEL 2 Length: 17"    Beam: 3-3/4"    Scale:  1/32 Price:  $91.20
978 Boston Whitehall Tender Built for use around the New York waterfront in the 1820's, the Tender takes it's name from Whitehall Street in New York City.                 SKILL LEVEL 2 Length:  12"    Beam:  3-5/8"    Scale:  1/14 Price:  $61.20    
950  The Dinghy This is an Amesbury style skiff, a type of dinghy designed for use as a yacht tender.              SKILL LEVEL 2 Length:  10"    Beam:  4"    Scale: 1/12  Price:  $50.40
982  Peterboro Canoe Built near Peterboro, Ontario using European woodworking skills.  It is a varnished all-wood beauty.   SKILL LEVEL 2 Length:  15-7/8"   Beam:  2-5/8"    Scale:  1/12  Price:  $54.00 
Featuring  -  “Boats of the Antique Boat            Museum at Clayton, NY” See below for more information about the museum.
 706   St. Lawrence River Skiff Used   on   the   St.   Lawrence   River   since   the   mid-1800's,   the   St.   Lawrence   River   Skiff   was the   mode   of   travel   for   fishing   and   sightseeing   along   the   river.  The   modern   day   version   is an   open   craft   which   is   pointed   at   both   ends,   easy   to   row,   and   fast   under   oars   or   sail.     Until   the   advent   of   the   outboard   motors   the   skiff   was   the   boat   of   choice   for   fishing   on   the St. Lawrence River. The   boat   could   be   constructed   with   open   ribs   or   with   ceiling   boards   to   cover   the   ribs completely.       The   kit   provides   instructions   on   both   looks.     As   for   color,   that   is   left   up   to   the builder,   as   the   real   boats   almost   became   works   of   art   with   different   woods,   stains,   and inlaid   woodwork   in   the   seats.         The   model   is   made   of   bass   wood   and   the   kit   includes   a movable fish box, faux leather bindings on the oars, and an easily assembled stand. Length:   19-1/8"     Beam:  3-3/16"      Scale:  1/12
Kit Price:  $102.00 
Anyone   with   an   interest   in   the   great   boats   and   builders   of   the   past   may   want   to consider    a    trip    to    the    Antique    Boat    Museum,    especially    during    the    Annual Antique   and   Classic   Boat   Show.    The   museum   boasts   the   largest   collection   of antique   and   classic   boats   in   the   world,   along   with   numerous   exhibits   in   its various   buildings.    For   more   information   on   the   museum   and   show   dates   you   can contact   the   museum   at   Tel#   315-686-4104   Monday   through   Friday   (May   to September) or click on the link to their website: