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7004  Ni-Cad "Y" Harness For    use    in    hooking-up    two    ni-cad    battery    packs    with    "Tamiya" connectors   in   series   for   boat   systems   which   have   12   volt   or   more battery power for moto rs. Price:  $10.25
7004P  Y-Harness with Tamiya Ends                                                       Connect    two    batteries    in    parallel    to    your    speed    control    using Tamiya   connectors.      Using   the   same   battery   voltage   you   get   double the amperage. Price:  $15.00
7004M  Ni-Cad "Y" Harness Speed   Control   "Y"Harness   connects   one   Electronic   Speed   Control to two Motors. Price:  $15.00
7212F and 7212S Y-Harness      by M.A.C.K. The    same    basic    Y-Harness,    but    each    is    set    up    with    different connectors.      Used   for   controlling   two   servos   from   one   channel   on your radio. 7212F - For Futaba Radios 7212S - For JR, Hitec, and Airtronics Radios Price:  $2.50 Each
7004D  Ni-Cad "Y" Harness For    use    in    hooking-up    two    ni-cad    battery    packs    with    "Deans" connectors   in   series   for   boat   systems   which   have   12   volt   or   more battery power for motors. Price:  $15.00
7214 - X3, X9, X12 Voltage Regulators     by MACK All   units   have   high   efficiency   switch   mode   providing   better   heat dissipation   than   linear   voltage   regulators.      Shielded   PCB   design and   output   EMF   coil   makes   a   stable,   low   noise   voltage   output.      All units   have   built-in   reverse   polarity   protection.      Available   in   three different   fixed   voltage   outputs.      All   have   2   to   5   cell   LiPo,   7.2   to   21 volt input.                       Outputs:  X3 - 3.3 volts, 3.5 amp                                        X9 - 9 volts, 3 amp                                        X12 - 12 volts, 4.5 amp
L- 41  Radio Controlled Electronic ON-OFF Switch                                                            by MACK Products/Turnigy Plug into any unused channel of the receiver and, with the movement of the stick or flip of the switch, the unit will toggle On and Off.   It can also be used to trip on full power to the third engine of a three engine PT Boat Set-up. Rated at 30 volts, 10 amp switching, Price:  $14.00
7095 Race Guard Fail Safe Prevent runaway models due to loss of signal!               Protect your investment from a freak accident!  Simply plug the Race Guard Fail Safe between the receiver and the throttle servo or speed control.  One button set-up makes this fail safe unit easy to use. It provides instant Neutral to the speed control, or OFF to the throttle servo in case of signal loss or low receiver battery voltage.   Length: 1-3/8"       Height: 3/8"       Width:     7/8"       Weight:  .35 oz. Price:  $30.00
Prices:  7214 - X3      $11.00                7214 - X9     $11.00                7214 - X12   $15.00
7418  Air Horns (non-working) Made of aluminum and brass turnings with mounting hardware. Sold in sets of 2: 7418 S - 2 small horns  (7/8" L x 3/8" H x 1/4" Bell Diameter) 7418 L - 2 large horns (1-1/4" L x 7/16" H x 5/16" Bell Diameter) 7418 SL - 1 small horn & 1 large horn Price for each type of combination: $7.00 per set.
7416  Brass Portholes These are 1/2" diameter all brass portholes with plastic inserts  for "glass".  Comes in a packet containing 20 pieces. Price:  $16.00
SF - Smoke Fluid For use with MACK Products' smoke units.  4 oz. Price:  $6.00
7177-1 & 7177-2  Half Round Bumper/ Bunting These   are   extruded   black   poly-vinyl   in   a   half   round   shape.      Comes   in two   sizes:   1/4"   wide   and   3/8"   wide.      Both   are   very   flexible   and   can   be painted.        Both    sizes    have    permanent    adhesive    attachment    tape already    installed    and    ready    for    mounting.        Can    be    used    as    side bumper   strakes   on   tugs   and   trawlers,   or   on   gas   powered   models   at the   shear   line.      It   can   also   be   used   as   bunting   around   cockpits.      Sold by the foot. 7177-1  1/4" wide x 1/8" high       Price:  $1.75 per foot 7177-2   3/8" wide x 3/16" high    Price:  $2.20 per foot
7127  Piano Hinge This   hinge   is   the   answer   to   a   modeler's   dream   to   have   the   ability   to create   hinged   doors,   hatches   and   storage   cabinets.      It's   a   big   16 inches   long   but   is   easily   cut   with   an   X-acto®   type   saw.      Make   your model come to life with working doors and hatches! Size - 3/8" (with hinge open) x 16" long  - Brass plated Price:  $16.00
F1    Gold/Brass ------- $7.95 F2    Chrome ----------- $7.95 F3    Copper -----------  $9.50   F4    Matte Aluminum- $7.95 F5    Black Chrome----- $7.95
7415 -1 or 7415 -2   Wooden Ships Wheel This   is   a   true   8   spoke   wooden   ships   wheel   kit.      It   includes   beautifully   machined   wooden spokes,   made   for   easy   assembly.   It   has   a   brass   center   hub   and   comes   in   two   different sizes which are measured from spoke tip to spoke tip.
7415-1    is 1-3/8" in diameter.                                              Price - $5.50 7415-2    is 1-7/8" in diameter.                                               Price - $6.00
7175-1 & 2 White Caulking Strips White   styrene   deck   caulking   strips   to   be   used between    mahogany    deck    planking    on    speed boats.      They   come   in   two   sizes   and   can   be used   on   boats   from   1/5   to   1/24   scale.      Can   be glued   in   place   with   CA   glue.      Comes   30   to   a pack, in 14” and 24" lengths.                                                    Price 7175-1  .020" x .060" x 14"      $20.50 per pack   7175-2  .040" x .080" x 24"      $22.50 per pack
7176-1 & 2 Black Caulking Strips Black   styrene   deck   caulking   strips   to   be   used   on Garwood    model    boats    and    boats    with    teak decking.      They   come   in   two   sizes   and   can   be used   on   boats   from   1/5   to   1/24   scale.      Can   be glued   in   place   with   CA   glue.      Comes   30   to   a pack, 14" lengths only.                                                 Price 7 176-1  .020" x .060" x 14"     $20.50 per pack 7176-2  .040" x .080" x 14"      $20.50 per pack
Precision Striping Tapes       by Line O Tape MACK    Products    carries    the    complete    line    of Precision   Striping   Tapes   from   Line   O   Tape.      All the   colors   shown   come   in   1/16",   1/8",   3/16"   and 1/4"   wide.      Perfect   for   water   lines,   chrome   trim, scale hazard tapes and much more. All rolls are 120" long.           T1    1/16"           T2    1/8"           T3    3/16"           T4    1/4" Order by tape size and add the color code after it.  (Ex.  T2-DB is a 1/8" tape in Dark Blue) Price:  $4.50 each Note:  T3W (3/16” White) is no longer available.
7159 (-1, -2, -3)  Life Rings Plastic   Life   Rings   in   four   different   sizes   to   fit   various   scale models.  Comes two to a pack. 7159-1 - 1/2"     Price:  $4.00 7159-2 - 3/4"     Price:  $6.00 7159-3 -  1"       Discontinued
 L23  Twin Horn - Small  (5/8" L x 5/16" H x 5/8" W)  L24  2-pc. One Large & One Small (Small is as above,                              Large is 15/16” L x 7/16” H x ⅝” W) Price:  $11.25 each
7174 Cockpit Bunting This   is   an   extruded   black   poly-vinyl   shaped   to   form   top   beading   and   side   bunting   around   the cockpit   edge.      It's   very   flexible,   being   able   to   bend   around   a   1   inch   radius.      This   bunting comes    in    black,    but    can    be    painted    to    match    different    color    interiors,    and    comes    with permanent adhesive attachment tape already installed. The top beading is 3/16" and the side bunting is 3/8", and is sold by the foot. Price:  $2.25 per foot
Attached Adhesive Tape
Reverse view - Top 
Painted Top Side
Accessories in Resin
7404  1/10 Scale Fire Extinguisher 7405  1/6 Scale Fire Extinguisher Every boat should have one and so should your model.  These detailed resin castings come ready to paint and install. The   7404   model   is   1-5/8"   x   3/8"   and   can   be   used   in   1/8,   1/10 and 1/12 scale models. The   7405   model   is   2-5/8"   x   5/8"   and   can   be   used   in   1/6,   1/5   & 1/4 scale models. 7404 Price: $4.50 each 7405 Price: $7.00 each
7403 Radar Dome with Decals - 1/12th Scale This detailed resin casting measures 2" in diameter and 15/16 " high.                       Pictures show the 2 decals. Price:  $8.00
7407 Satellite Phone & TV Dome - 1/12th Scale This detailed resin casting comes with decals. It measures 1-5/16" high x 1-1/16" in diameter. Price:  $6.00
7411- J or M  Outboard Motor Gas Tanks - 1/6 Scale This detailed resin casting of a a gas tank will more than complete your outboard boat model. Order 7411-J to receive a tank with a Johnson decal. Order 7411-M to receive a tank with a Mercury decal. Tank is 2-1/2" Long, 1-1/2" Wide, & 1-5/8" High.  Price:  $17.00  each
Finished Tank
Outboard Gas Tank Assembly
7408 GPS Chart Plotter - 1/12th Scale This detailed resin casting measures 11/16" wide x 9/16" high. Height is 3/4" with the base.  Great for fishing boats and cruisers.  Ready for painting and installation.  One piece per package. Price: $6.00
7410 Outboard Motor Controls - 1/6th Scale Metal throttle and shifter in a detailed resin casting.  Come with dual cables.   Control box is 1-7/8" Long, 15/16" Wide & 1/2" High. Price:  $9.00
7401 Bulkhead Line Hauler  1/12th Scale This detailed resin Line Hauler for boats that do the heavy work.  The size is 1.5" high & 1" long. Price:  $8.00
7409  Viking Life Raft Container This is a 1/12th scale model of a cast resin life raft container.  Comes with decals. Container is 2-15/16" Long, 1-1/2" Wide, and 7/8" High. Price:  $7.25
7402  Lobsters in 1/12th Scale - 4 to a pack Each cast resin lobster is 1-13/16" long and  13/16" wide. Price:  $3.50 per pack
7406 Barrel Fenders These   are   molded   white   rubber   fenders.      You   get   four fenders to a pack with cording.  Each fender is 1-3/4" long by 5/8" in diameter. Price: $12.00 per pack
7173  (-1, -2, -3) Quality Mahogany Planking This    is    quality    mahogany    planking    for    scratch building.      It   comes   in   clean   cut   plank   widths   of 1/4"   wide   for   decking,      1/2"   wide   for   hull   planking, and    3/4"    wide    for    use    as    a    king    plank,    or anywhere a wider piece is nee ded.
       7173-1     Width:  1/4"     Height:  .070"     Length:  36" Price:  $ 14.50   (30 pc. bundle)
       7173-2     Width:  1/2"     Height:  .070"     Length:  36" Price:  $29.50   (30 pc. bundle)
      7173-3     Width:  3/4"      Height:  .070"      Length:  36" Price:  $22.00   (15 pc. bundle)
DST-1 and DST-3 Hardware Attachment Tapes This is a double sided tape for mounting deck hardware to finished decks.  NO MORE SMUDGES ! ! ! Once the part is positioned and taped down the glue is activated and the bond becomes permanent in 45 minutes. DST-1      1/4" x 5 yd roll         Price:   $3.50 per roll DST-3      3/4" x 3 yd roll         Price:   $8.00 per roll
134  Window Flange The   finishing   touch   for   flush   mounted   windows   on   boat   cabins.     The   flange   is grooved   to   accept   glass   as   it   surrounds   the   window   leaving   a   flange   to   glue to the cabin side.  Perfect scale window flange every time! Large - .350" wide Each package contains 4 ft. of flange. Price:  $5.00 each 
147-148  U-Trim This   will   add   a   finishing   touch   to   windshield   edges   or   bulkhead   edges.     Glues in place with cyanoacrylates or Formula "560" Canopy Glue. 147  Small - 1/8" wide       148  Large - 1/7" wide Each package contains 4 ft. of U-Trim Price:  $5.00
Scale Instruments Really      dress-up      your      model dashboard   with   scale   instruments that   include   bezel   rim   and   "glass".     No   matter   what   scale,   we   have   the right     size     instruments     for     you.       Each   set   comes   with   two   different sizes gauges.   Price:  $9.50 each
Part No.    Sizes (dia.)      Scale     JT3       11/16”  &    1”           1/3   JT4        7/16”   &   3/4”         1/4   JT5        3 / 8”   &   5/8          1/5   JT6        5/16”   &   1/2          1/6   JT7        9/32”   &   7/16”       1/7   JT8        1/4”     &    3/8”        1/8   JT9        7/32”   &    5/16”      1/9   JT10      3/16”   &    5/16”      1/10   JT12      5/32”   &    1/4”        1/12
7151 Heavy Duty Servo Saver This    heavy    duty,    spring    loaded    servo    saver    works    with    all manufacturer's   servos.      It   has   provisions   for   linking   to   either   a single   rudder   installation,   or,   by   mounting   the   servo   between   the rudder tiller arms, it can be linked to twin rudder installations. Width:  1-7/16"       Length:  15/16"       Height:     3/8" Price:  $11.00
Accessories Pg. 1
Bare Metal Foil Ultra   thin   foil   with   adhesive   backing   picks    up   the   form   of   anything   it   covers.     Available in Gold/Brass, Copper, Chrome, Matte Aluminum and Black Chrome.
L-40  Multi Switch 7 Unit Unit   turns   one   open   receiver   channel   into   7   separate   ON/OFF,   either LATCHING   or   MOMENTARY   ON/OFF,   circuits.      Unit   can   be   programmed for   9   different   sequences   for   the   circuits   to   be   turned   on   and   off.   Input voltage   for   the   switching   circuits   is   from   6   to   13   volts.      Output   voltage   is the   same   as   the   input   with   a   .400   mil   amp   load   per   circuit.      Unit   is supplied    with    an    input    power    plug,    as    well    as    7    output    circuit    plugs.    Universal radio receiver plug. Price:  $20.00
# RAM 45 - Boat Saver with Bilge Pump        Senses water, turns on light and pump, 6-12 volts. Price:  $28.50
7229 - Steering Push Rod Seals  (bellows type) 1-1/2" long by 1/2" inch in diameter bellows.  For   fiberglass   hulls   with   a   1/4"   hole   or   wood   hulls   with   a   5/16”   hole.     Rod hole for .070 rod. Price:  $3.00 per package of 4.
7329 M.A.C.K. Electronic Speed Control > 80 Amp. Proportional forward & reverse. >  4 mm motor plugs >  5 amp - 5 Volt BEC Dean’s Power Plug >  Preprogrammed - Plug & Play Price:  $59.00
7330   On/Off Switch For use with Electronic Speed Controls with no on/off switch.       Price: $10.00