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715 Miss Severn - 1922 Hacker Gold Cup Boat
Due   to   rule   changes   for   the   1922   Gold   Cup   Races,   limiting   the   engine   and   hull   type   and   size, which   were   later   referred   to   as   “Gentlemen’s   Runabouts”,   a   number   of   new   designers   and engine   builders   entered   the   newly   formed   Gold   Cup   Regatta   to   contest   for   the   cup.      The boat   that   won   was   a   Packard   Chris   Craft,   but   the   second   place   boat   ARAB   VI,   a   John   L Hacker design, came away with the fastest recorded lap time. Motor   Boating   Magazine   hired   Mr.   Hacker   to   design   a   boat   along   the   lines   of   the ARAB   VI   to be   presented   free   in   their   magazine   for   anyone   with   the   skills   and   opportunity   to   compete for   the   Gold   Cup.      The   design   was   named   MISS A.P.B.A.,   in   recognition   of   the   ruling   body   of the   Gold   Cup.     ARAB   VI   raced   for   a   number   of   years,   but   never   attained   the   Gold   Cup,   and slipped   out   of   sight   for   about   ten   years.      During   this   time   the   Gentlemen's   Runabout   Class started   to   wane,   and   the   A.P.B.A.   again   changed   the   rules   allowing   for   unlimited   engine size,   along   with   hulls   with   lifting   strake   bottoms.      The ARAB   VI   re-emerged   as   MISS   SEVERN, this time with an unlimited Curtiss Conqueror V-12 engine. Mark   Mason   undertook   to   reproduce   MISS   SEVERN   in   1994   as   she   was   last   campaigned, and it is with his help and support that we bring you this scale model kit. Length:  39-3/8"                   Beam:   9-3/16"                    Scale:  Price: $513.50 Uses: 715CE Power Package: $214.00  7305 Brushless Power Pkg.: $252.50    715L Light Pkg.:  $45.00