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713  1958 California Cracker Box
The   cracker   box   style   boat   was   first   introduced   in   the   1940’s   after   the   war,   and   quickly became   a   favorite   style   boat   for   the   home   builder.      With   its   simple   design   and   good looking   profile,   the   two-seater   was   reminiscent   of   the   classic   racing   runabouts.      The model   can   be   built   as   a   strictly   competition   boat   with   out   the   mahogany   planking,   and fiber   glassed   over   the   balsa   sub   planking,   or   as   a   racing   runabout   with   the   supplied mahogany planking. The   kit   includes   all   laser   cut   parts   with   a   detailed   instruction   booklet   filled   with   step- by-step   photos,   as   well   as   separate   detailed   CAD   drawings   of   the   various   assemblies. The   model   is   supplied   with   all   of   the   details   to   make   an   accurate   1/6th   scale   model for   display   as   well   as   full   fledged   racing   model.      The   picture   above   shows   the   model     with   a   true   1/6th   scale   Chevy   283   cu.   in.   “V-8”,   using   a   modified   REVEL   Models   motor kit, available at your local hobby shop. Length:  30-1/4"                     Beam:  12-1/8"                        Scale: 1/6 Price:   $390.00           Use our 7307 Brushless Racing System - $216.50