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702  1939 Century Thunderbolt
Originally   built   as   a   2-liter   race   class   boat,   this   beauty   changed   over   the   years   to become   a   two   person   speedster.      It   was   a   15-1/2   foot   stepped   hydro   that   could   go 50   miles   per   hour   back   in   1939.      This   kit   is   a   faithful   reproduction   of   the   "Chickie IV",   a   fully   restored   1939   Thunderbolt   one-step   hydro,   and   one   of   the   rarest "Thunderbolts" ever built.     This   double   planked   all   wood   model   is   made   from   all   laser-cut   mahogany,   balsa   and light   plywood.      As   with   all   Legend   Model   Boat   kits,   you   get   all   the   extras   such   as working    engine    hatch    hinges,    custom    dashboard    with    gauges,    windshield/deck gaskets,    chrome    plated    custom    castings,    machined    aluminum    fittings,    and    a complete   graphics   set   of   the   "Chickie   IV"   logo,   name   and   numbers.        As   always,   we even include an easy to build stand. Length: 31-1/2"                Beam: 10-3/4"                 Scale: 1/6   Price:  390.00             
Available Power Packages are:     702CE - Brushed   Power Package - $131.00   OR     7306-1 - Brushless   Power Package - $192.75 Add a Light Package - 702L for $42.00