MACK Products              Model Marine
703    1963 Lyman 25' Soft Top Sleeper
This   lapstrake   model   is   a   first   of   its   kind.      Each   plank   has   been   laid   out   and   laser cut   to   fit   perfectly.      The   entire   kit   is   contains   only   laser   cut   high   quality   wood, including   ribbon-grain   mahogany   veneer.      Step-by-step   instructions   with   pictures and   detailed   drawings   make   this   a   model   that   can   be   built   by   someone   who   has   had minimal    wood    building    experience    or    a    more    seasoned    modeler.     Top    quality machine   turned   and   polished   deck   fittings,   custom   cast   and   chrome   plated   fittings, chrome   striping   and   water   line   tapes,   true   to   scale   “Nautolex”   type   decking,   and custom   cut   vinyl   graphics   give   realistic   finishing   touches.   As   with   all   Legend   Model Boat   kits,   the   model   is   designed   and   engineered   as   a   radio   controlled   model,   with the   addition   of   an   available   power   package,   but   includes   a   full   set   of   M.A.C.K. Products   precision   running   hardware,   for   use   as   a   display   model.     A   display   stand   is included in the kit.   Length:  31-1/2"                 Beam:   9-3/4"                   Scale:  1/10 Price:  $526.50  
Available Power Packages are:     702CE - Brushed   Power Package - $131.00   OR     7306-1 - Brushless   Power Package - $192.75 Add a Light Package - 702L for $42.00