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Over the past 50 years MACK Products has established itself as   the   recognized   leader   in   providing   power   and   running hardware   for   all   of   the   most   popular   model   boat   and   ship kits,   as   well   as   assisting   the   scratch   builder   with   all   his   or her    needs.        We    have    grown    with    the    industry    and    its technology.      Now   we   also   offer   scale   power   boat   kits   being sold   under   our   other   name,   Legend   Model   Boats,   and   we   are a   distributor   for   Dumas   Model   Boats,   as   well   as   offering some hard to find accessories for the models.
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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: We have been notified that due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the country that our shipments made through PRIORITY MAIL and FED EX GROUND can no longer be shipped  SIGNATURE REQUIRED   on delivery.   Until   further   notice,   for   the   protection   of   our   customers   and ourselves,   we   will   begin   insuring   all   packages   for   the   full   value   of the order.   
Repowering your Dumas Model for more get up and go?
Model # 7311-2 & 3