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712 Swish Blade Outboard Ski Boat
During   the   1950’s   and   early   1960’s   there   was   a   surge   in   amateur   boat   builders   who   were building   their   own   boats   for   recreation   and   family   enjoyment   on   local   lakes   and   rivers.     Boating   magazines   offered   “how-to”   assistance   and   even   plans   that   could   be   bought.     These boats   often   used   plywood   construction   which   provided   sheet   planking   and   a   no-caulk   hull form.      Fiberglass   cloth   and   polyester   resin   made   for   water   tight   hulls   with   minimal   care.      The Swish Blade is one example of this kind of boat. The   Legend   Model   Kit    “Swish   Blade”    is   a   true   1/6th   scale   representation   of   a   16   foot outboard   ski   boat   type   hull.      The   kit   is   completely   laser   cut,   using   lite-plywood   framework, bass   wood   stringers,   birch   plywood   hull,   and   mahogany   veneer   deck   sheeting.      Just   as   with the   original   home   built   full   scale   Ski   Boat,   the   model   offers   ease   of   building   in   its   design   with quality   materials   provided   in   the   kit.      It   will   produce   an   extremely   fast   and   stable   hull,   making it suitable for both leisure and competition use. The   powered   model   will   run   on   14.4   volts,   using   either   two   7.2   volt   NI-MH   batteries   or   two   2- cell LI-PO batteries running in series hookup. Length:  32 in.           Beam:  13 in.           Scale:  1/6 Price:  $302.50 PP712CE Brushless  Motor System: Price: $369.00  M.A.C.K.   Products   offers   the   following   outboard   power   package   (#PP712CE)   which   is   not included   in   the   boat   kit   purchase   and   must   be   bought   separately.      If   you,   the   modeler,   have another   choice   of   electric   or   nitro   powered   outboard   at   your   disposal,   the   model   is   capable of handling 3.5 to 7.5 nitro motors.   Click here for more information on our pkg.
712 Outboard Ski Boat