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705  1950 Jersey Speed Skiff
This   award-winning   model   of   the   original   "Pappy"   Seaman   Jersey   Speed   Skiff   is   a   must have   for   anyone   who   likes   a   go-fast   boat,   but   also   likes   to   build   in   wood.      The   kit includes   all   laser   cut   parts   with   a   detailed   instruction   booklet   filled   with   step-by-step photos,   as   well   as   separate   detailed   CAD   drawings   of   the   various   assemblies.      Included in   the   kit   is   a   full   set   of   MACK   Products   Precision   Running   Hardware,   allowing   the modeler   the   option   of   building   the   model   for   static   display,   or   for   R/C   running   with   the addition   of   the   power   package   and   radio   system.      A   full   set   of   vinyl   graphics   ease   the finishing   of   the   model   better   than   any   decal   could.      Separate   Power   and   Lighting Packages are available from MACK Products.   Length:  32"                         Beam:  12.5"                            Scale: 1/6 Price:   $390.00
7307  Brushless  Power Package  -  $216.50 705L  Light Package -  $36.50