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  L- 41  Radio Controlled Electronic ON-OFF Switch  by MACK Products/Turnigy

Plug into any unused channel of the receiver and, with the movement of the stick or flip of the switch, the unit will toggle On and Off.  It can also be used to trip on dull power to the third engine of a three engine PT Boat Set-up.

Rated at 30 volts, 10 amp switching,


Price:  $11.00

7015  Hitec Radio Battery Charger

Plug in AC charger for all Hitec Radio Systems equipped with Ni-Cad batteries.  It will charge both the transmitter and receiver battery packs overnight.

Price:  $17.75


7033  JR Radio Battery Charger

JR Ni-Cad battery charger for both transmitter and receiver for JR Radios using Ni-Cad batteries. JR radios must use the JR Charger ONLY, or damage will result to radio and batteries.

Price:  $30.00

  7025  Hitec #HS-425 Pro-Type, Dual Bearing Servo
                   45.9 in./oz -- 23 sec. -- 1.6" L x .79" W x 1.48" H
                   Weight: 1.6 oz.              4.8 volts to 6 volts  


Price:  $13.00

7026  Tactic  # TSX55 - Ultra Torque, Metal Gear, 2 Ball Bearing Servo

181 oz. in. to 203 oz. in. -- 1.6" L x 0.8" W x 1.5" H         

          Weight: 2.1 oz.              4.8 volts to 6 volts           


Price:  $30.00

7151 Heavy Duty Servo Saver

This heavy duty, spring loaded servo saver works with all manufacturer's servos.  It has provisions for linking to either a single rudder installation, or, by mounting the servo between the rudder tiller arms, it can be linked to twin rudder installations.

Width:  1-7/16"
Length:  15/16"
Height:     3/8"

Price:  $7.00


7213  Turnigy LED Servo Tester

Enables you to test up to 4 servos at the same time.  This unit offers 3 test modes:  Manual, Neutral, and Automatic.  The LED screen shows the servo rotation pulse width.


Every modeler needs one of these to check and set servos, as well as to program electronic speed controls without the need of a radio system.


Price:  $10.00

7213-13 and 7213-33  Servo Extensions        by M.A.C.K.

These are servo extension leads with universal "S" connections, plugs: male & female. 

7213-13 is a 13" extension, and 7213-33 is a 33" extension.  

With the use of these two items most remote installations of servos and accessories can be accomplished for use with any radio system.

7213-13   Price:  $4.00
7213-33   Price:  $7.00 

L27X5  Automatic BEC Circuit     by M.A.C.K.
This automatic radio receiver BEC is for use with any electric powered model with the main power batteries from 6 to 21 volts.  This new and improved unit requires no external heat sink due to a high efficiency switching mode PCB design, and an output EMF coil which provides stable low noise voltage output.  The unit provides a full 5 volts at 5 amps of power to the receiver.  It comes with a universal "S" connector receiver plug for use with all non-BEC receivers.


Price:  $10.00

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