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1263  1938 Chris Craft 16' Painted Racer The   painted   racer   is   a   fine   example   of   the   painted   runabouts   of   the   1930's   and 1940's.      Its   red,   white,   and   blue   paint   scheme,   along   with   the   rich   mahogany   accents separate   this   kit   from   others   in   the   line.      Since   this   is   a   painted   model   the   use   of mahogany   veneer   is   limited,   which   translates   to   a   great   value   price.      The   kit   is   balsa strip        planking    over    laser    and    die    cut    frames.        Besides    the    basic    construction differences,   this   kit   includes   all   of   the   times   you   come   to   expect   in   a   Dumas   Chris Craft   kit.      Step-by-step   instructions,   flag,   decals,   chrome   plated   fittings,   aluminum accents, and complete drive line hardware.   Length:  24"      Beam:  8-1/2"      Scale:  1/8 Price:  $140.00                               Use MACK Power Package # PP7284
1234   1940 Chris-Craft Barrel Back A nother   of   the   classic   mahogany   runabouts   produced   by   Chris-Craft,   the   world   leader in   speed   boat   production.      The   kit   features   double   planked   over   frame   construction, chrome fittings, running hardware and propeller.  Yesterdays classic, alive today!               Length:  29"            Beam:  9"              Scale:  1/8 Price:  $296.00       Use MACK Power Package # PP7284  OR   MACK Brushless Motor System #7306-1
1239 Typhoon In   the   1920's   Edsel   Ford   contracted   to   have   a   speed   boat   built   to   race   in   the   Gold   Cup races   of   the   era.      The   boat   was   a   triple   cockpit   mahogany   beauty   named   "Typhoon".     This   1/10   scale   model   is   double   planked   (mahogany   planked   over   balsa   sub-plank)   and comes with a full set of chrome deck fittings and running hardware.                                    Length:  42-1/2"                Beam:  8-1/2" Price:  $332.00                Use MACK Power Package # PP1214 OR   MACK Brushless Motor System  # 7306-2         
Built   as   a   utility   style   mahogany   speedboat,   she   was   a   standout   amongst   her   peers.      Her clipper   bow,   bull   nose,   two-tone   varnished   deck   and   raked   transom   epitomize   the   classic lines   of   the   1950's.      Rich   mahogany   and   basswood   veneers   finish   the   deck.      Full   chrome plated fittings and running hardware included. Length:  34"       Beam:  12"        Scale:  1/8 Price:  $260.00                        Use MACK Power Package # PP7284  OR   MACK Brushless Motor System #7306-1
1243  1956 Chris Craft Continental
1249 Racing Runabout
1249  Chris-Craft 19' Racing Runabout Kit   features   a   wood   framed   hull,   covered   with   expanded   PVC   and   then   strip   planked   with mahogany   veneer.      Also   included   are   chrome   plated   deck   fittings,   complete   driveline hardware, flag and burgee.   Price:  $192.00               Length:  28"               Beam:  9"              Scale:  1/8 Use MACK Power Package # PP7284  OR   MACK Brushless Motor System #7306-1
1232 Cobra
1243 Continental
1239 Typhoon
1234 Barrel Back
1232  Chris-Craft Cobra T he   1950's   saw   Chris-Craft   introduce   one   of   today's   most   collectable   of   mahogany speed   boats:   the   18   ft.   Cobra.     The   kit   includes   a   formed   hatch   and   fins   of ABS   plastic, double planked wood hull, chrome fittings, running hardware and propeller. Length:  27"        Beam:  9-3/4"      Scale:  1/8 Price:  $236.00                            Use MACK Power Package # PP7284  OR   MACK Brushless Motor System #7306-1
Pleasure Craft - Pg. 3
P ainted Racer
1254  1949 Chris-Craft 16’ Hydroplane  One of the rarest Chris-Crafts ever built, sold with a warning "For Racing Only".  this one-step hydro was equipped with a 121 horsepower - 6 cylinder KB engine, giving it a top speed of 50 mph plus.  Planked with mahogany over Sintra® PVC.  You too can own a rare one.  Length:  24"                   Beam:  8.5"                         Scale:  ⅛  Price:  $166.00                                Use MACK Power Package # PP7284