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1244   1954 36' Chris-Craft Commander The   Commander   was   the   perfect   choice   for   the   1950's   yachtsman   to   use   for   weekend cruises   and   vacations.     Twin   engines   give   dependable   cruising,   as   well   as   a   good   turn   of speed.      This   all-wood   kit   comes   complete   with   chrome   deck   fittings,   vacuum   formed seats and laser cut mahogany cabin parts. Length:  36"         Beam:  10-1/2"            Scale:  1/12 Price:  $300.00                  Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages  #419 or 419CE
1205 Trojan 31' Cabin Cruiser  A   beautiful   cabin   cruiser   constructed   of   rugged   die-cut   plywood.      The   kit   also   contains numerous   detail   parts,   including   a   set   of   33   cast   parts.     A   welcome   addition   to   any   den, or a distinctive radio controlled model with the addition of power and running hardware. Length:  31"      Beam:  12           Scale:  1/12 Price:  $144.00              Uses Power & Hardware Packages # 408CE
1273 -  1929 Chris Craft 38' Commuter Yacht Built   for   the   wealthy   business   men   of   the   1920's   to   commute   to   their   New   York   and   Wall Street   offices   from   their   homes   on   the   upper   Hudson   River   and   out   on   Long   Island Sound.      Chris   Craft   spared   nothing   in   producing   these   floating   works   of   mahogany   art for   their   wealthy   clients,   when   money   was   free   flowing   before   the   Great   Crash,   which was soon to come. The   kit   is   built   in   1/12th   scale,   netting   a   model   of   38"   in   length   and   full   of   detailing hardware,   both   in   metal   and   urethane   casting,   along   with   flags,   decals,   and   much   more.     This   is   an   all   wood   kit   using   both   birch   and   popular   plywood   which   has   been   both   die and   laser   cut   for   exact   fits.      Bass   and   balsa   planking,   along   with   a   boatload   of   Mahogany planking round out the materials list, in addition to the all laser cut cabin parts. As   with   the   original   commuter,   which   was   powered   with   a   single   Chris   Craft   A-120   V-8, the   model   will   be   powered   with   a   single   electric   motor,   with   both   brushed   and   brushless motor options, available from M.A.C.K. Products Model Marine M.A.C.K.   Products   will   also   carry   an   upgraded   Precision   Hardware   Package   for   use   with this model.  Price:  $292.50 Use MACK Hardware Package # 431 Use MACK Brushless Power Package #7308-2                                        OR   Use MACK Brushed Motor Package # PP431
1211  The Dauntless Model   of   the   1946   Sparkman   &   Stevens   66'   commuter   boat   that   ran   on   the   Hudson   River in   New   York.      The   kit   is   almost   entirely   made   of   1/8"   mahogany   plywood,   cleanly   die-cut, and includes a 38 piece cast metal fitting set.  Ideal for twin screw R/C power. Price:  $180.00                  Length:  49-1/2"           Beam:   14"                Scale:   1/16 Use MACK Power & Hardware Packages #400 or #400CE
1205 Trojan
1211 Dauntless
1273 Commuter
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