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7161 Gar Wood Boats - by Anthony S. Mollica
Gar   Wood,   a   name   forever   linked   with   the   title of   "King   of   Speedboats"   is   brought   to   life   by author   Anthony   S.   Mollica   in   his   book   ,   "Gar Wood    Boats,    Classics    of    a    Golden    Era".        In compilation   of   facts   and   photos   he   tells   the story   of   the   man   and   his   passion   for   speed   over water,   which   led   to   his   quest   for   the   ultimate goal,   "Speed   Boat   King".      How   he   turned   his passion       into       a       thriving       business       of manufacturing     and     the     finest     mahogany finished    watercraft    of    the    times,    and    the standard to which all others are compared. This   is   a   must   have   book,   if   not   for   the   story, then   for   the   endless   reference   material   and vintage   photographs,   along   with   an   abundance of   classic   Gar   Wood   speed   boats,   fully   restored and in full color pictures. Price:  $35.00
7160   Dodge Boats - by Anthony S. Mollica The   complete   story   of   Dodge   Boats   and   the   man, whose   obsession   to   be   speedboat   king   led   him   to manufacturing    some    of    the    finest    examples    of mahogany speedboats of the era. The    author,    Anthony    S.    Mollica,    has    compiled research    data    and    rare    photos    of    the    start    of Dodge    Boats    all    through    the    years    until    the company‚Äôs demise in 1936. The   book   abounds   with   full   color   photos   of   some of   the   beautifully   restored   Dodge   boats,   brought back   to   life   by   their   caretakers   and   owners,   as well   as,   by   the   Antique   Boat   Museum   of   Clayton, NY.        It's    a    must    have    for    anyone    who    has    an interest    in    the    historic    and    classic    boats    of    a bygone era. Price:  $35.00