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7133  3000 Mil Amp NI-MH Battery Packs by Orion Same size package as the 7092 2400 milliamp Ni-Cads but with 600 more mil amp power.  Rated at 7.2 volts, these Ni-Mh batteries will give a longer run time than the same size Ni-Cad.  Sold in a two pack set.  At great battery at a great price. Price:  $55.00 (two pack set)
7138  3300 mil. amp Battery Packs by Orion Orion's 7.2 volt 3300 mil amp Ni-Mh batteries that come with Tamiya plugs, ready to plug in.  Unlike Ni-Cads, they have no issues with memory, and have much more capacity.  Sold in pairs. 5.25" long x 1.75" wide x 7/8" high.   Weight for 2 packs:  1.25 lbs. Price:  $65.00 (two pack set)
7162  Twin Battery Packs These are 7.2 volt, 5000 mil amp Ni-MH battery packs with Tamiya connectors. Price:  $80.00  ( 2 packs )
7163  Twin Battery Packs These are 7.2 volt, 5000 mil amp Ni-MH battery packs with Deans connectors. Price:  $85.00   ( 2 packs )
7164  Battery Pack These   are   8.4   volt,   5000   mil   amp   Ni-MH   battery   packs   with Tamiya    connectors    for    use    with    EP1    Outboard    powered models,   or   any   model   which   can   use   a   little   more   power   than offered by 7.2 volt batteries. Price:  $45.00  ( 1 pack )
7020 Sealed Lead-Calcium Battery  (Gel Cell) This   is   a   high   capacity,   rechargeable,   maintenance-free   battery.      It's rated   at   12   volts,   7   Amp/hours.      It   can   be   charged   and   discharged   in any position. 6" L   x 2-1/2" W   x 3-3/4" H      Weight:  5.5 lbs Price:  $38.50                Use MACK Charger # 6912 for this battery.
7190 LI-PO Cell Checker with Programmable Low Voltage Alarm                                                                                        by M.A.C.K >  For LI-PO or LI-FEPO batteries 2S to 8S. >  LED Displays voltages .5 to 4.5 volts per cell >  Adjustable cut-off voltage alarm from 2.7 to 3.8 volts OR              program alarm OFF. >  Extra loud 2-tone alarm. >  Reads total voltage of battery pack >  1-5/8" long  X  1-3/16" wide  X  1/2" high   Weight: 0.46 oz. Price:  $8.00
7016  Ni-Cad Saver  Discharge and storage resistor for Ni-Cad battery packs with "Tamiya" connectors.  Prolongs battery life by slow discharging and holding battery at zero voltage when not in use, then trickle-charge when battery is going to be used again.  Best to slow discharge and trickle- charge batteries every 10 to 12 quick charges. Price:  $4.75
7108  Onyx 240 Twin Peak Charger Charges two 4.8 - 9.6 volt NI-MH cells at selectable charge currents of 800 MA, 1.5 Amp, 3 Amp, and 5 Amp. It features a custom LCD with blue back light screen which shows the battery voltage, charge current and time, and capacity of each battery. This unit also has built-in peak detection circuits for each battery with auto trickle; and has AC-DC input to power from house or car. Price:  $89.00
6912  Hobbico  12 volt, 600 Mil Amp Charger Hobbico's HCAP0200 overnight battery charger for use with 12 volts sealed lead acid and our # 7020 gel cell batteries.   Weight:  9 oz. Price: $13.00
7007  Onyx # 245 AC-DC Twin Peak Detection Charger This unit is for charging two NI-CAD, NI-MH, LI-PO, or LI-FE batteries at the same time.  It will charge two LI-PO or LI-FE batteries from 1- 3 cells with balancing plug port, and 4-8 cells of NI-CAD or NI-MH batteries.  Each output has a charging jack for charging transmitter packs or 4-5 cell receiver battery packs.  Balance boards included for charging LI-PO and LI-FE batteries.  Five year warranty through Hobby Services. Price:  $119.00 
7166  Adaptor Plug Connects your battery charger to the battery using Deans connectors. Price:  $4.50