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7108  Onyx 240 Twin Peak Charger

Charges two 4.8 - 9.6 volt NI-MH cells at selectable charge currents of 800 MA, 1.5 Amp, 3 Amp, and 5 Amp.

It features a custom LCD with blue back light screen which shows the battery voltage, charge current and time, and capacity of each battery.

This unit also has built-in peak detection circuits for each battery with auto trickle; and has AC-DC input to power from house or car.

Price:  $89.00


Weight:  9 oz.
Charge times:

6912  Hobbico  12 volt, 600 Mil Amp Charger 

Hobbico's HCAP0200 overnight battery charger for use with 12 volts sealed lead acid and our # 7020 gel cell batteries.




Price: $13.00

7007  Onyx # 245 AC-DC Twin Peak Detection Charger
This unit is for charging two NI-CAD, NI-MH, LI-PO, or LI-FE batteries at the same time.  It will charge two LI-PO or LI-FE batteries from 1-3 cells with balancing plug port, and 4-8 cells of NI-CAD or NI-MH batteries.  Each output has a charging jack for charging transmitter packs or 4-5 cell receiver battery packs.  Balance boards included for charging LI-PO and LI-FE batteries.  Five year warranty through Hobby Services.



Price:  $119.00

7166  Adaptor Plug

Connects your battery charger to the battery using Deans connectors.


Price:  $4.50

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