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RAM/MP70RC    by MACK                                                                          NEW from MACK ! ! !

This unit is a digitally recorded sound track of a dual tone air horn used by both pleasure boats and yachts, as well as commercial boats.    The unit is powered by a 9 volt transistor battery (not supplied), and is activated from an open channel on your transmitter.  The unit is supplied with a 3 inch speaker wired with 40 inches of wire, allowing the speaker to be placed anywhere in the model.  It is suggested that you place the speaker in an enclosure or speaker box to amplify the sound.  Remember to have openings in the superstructure to allow the sound to escape from inside the hull.

Price:  $ 58.00

RAM 70 - Air Horns   (yachts, tugs) 

This is a digitally recorded sound with a 2" speaker and runs on 9-18 volts.



Price:  $ 38.00                

7040  Electronic "3 Tone" Super Loud Siren by MACK

This unit produces three entirely different, very loud, siren sounds, which are selected by the use of a 3-position switch.  This is the perfect answer for equipping your fire boat, police boat, Coast Guard vessel, etc.  The unit can be powered from the main power batteries with voltages of 9 to 16 volts, eliminating the need to carry a separate 9 volt battery or regulator.  It is completely wired with a 3 inch speaker and micro trigger switch.  Weight: 3 oz.

  Price:  $31.00

7214-X9 Voltage Regulator         by MACK

These units have high efficiency switch mode providing better heat dissipation than linear voltage regulators.  Shielded PCB design and output EMF coil makes a stable, low noise voltage output.  Reverse polarity is built in.  Has 2 to 5 cell LiPo, 7.2 to 21 volt input.   Output is  X9 - 9 volts, 3 amp


Price:   $11.00

7005   3" Square Loud Speaker

Replacement speaker for sound systems such as Robbe, Ram, Dynamic, etc. using 6 or 12 volts.  
VERY LOUD, almost twice as loud as stock speakers.

Price:  $15.00

 703S  Sound Package for  # 703  1963 Lyman 25' Soft Top Sleeper, # 707 1952 Century Sea Maid 18'  AND  # 704  1930 Dodge 21'6" Split Cockpit Runabout

 Includes 3" diameter speaker, micro-switch w/bracket, hook-up wire, and 9 volt transistor battery plug.

 Price:  $48.00

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