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7209  Futaba 3PL - 3 Channel 2.4 GHz Radio

A step up from the Futaba 2PL is the 3PL model which boasts a 10 channel memory.  You get the transmitter and receiver with a switch harness. This unit does not include servos.


Price:  $109.00

7205  Futaba 6EX - 6 Channel, 2.4GHz Radio

This radio system comes with transmitter, Ni-Cads, charger, receiver, switch harness, and neck strap for transmitter.  Buyer supplies servos and receiver battery pack.  Get a high end radio at low cost.


Price:  $210.00  

7208   Spektrum DX5E - 5 Channel, 2.4 GHz

This 5 channel radio comes with a 6 channel full range receiver (AR600) and 4 (four) NI-MH batteries.  It has a one model memory and is NOT a computer radio.



Price:  $99.00

7207  Spektrum DX6i - 6 Channel, 2.4 GHz

This computer radio has dual rate on 2 channels and all the options of a high end radio system.  Comes with Ni-MH batteries for the transmitter, charger, and receiver. 

Buyer supplies the servos, receiver battery pack, and switch harness.


Price:  $199.00  

7211  Tactic  TX300  3 Channel Radio

This 3 channel radio runs at 2.4 GHz and comes with a transmitter and receiver, with a receiver battery box & switch.  The 3rd channel can be used as a 2, 3, or 4 position switch, or as a fully proportional control. 
Also included are steering and throttle trim dials, with a steering rate adjustment, and steering & throttle end point adjustments. It has a built in failsafe




Price:  $50.00  

7215  Futaba Attack T2DR Radio

This is a two channel AM stick radio on 75 MHz.  It has two channel servo reversing, and two S3003 standard servos.  It runs on 8 AA batteries and uses Futaba Receiver R162JE.

This is a Best Buy for a complete 2 channel AM Stick radio.





Price:  $50.00

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